A.G. Barnett is the author of traditional mysteries with a cosy flavour.

After playing the drums enthusiastically but erratically in a band, working to create digital resources for the visually impaired and joining a digital supply chain startup, he eventually fell into the charitable sector where he worked in online health information for over a decade.

He is currently writing two series.

The Brock & Poole mysteries, involving young detective sergeant Guy Poole whose past is determined to catch up with him, and his gruff superior Detective Inspector Sam Brock, who’s determined not to let this partner die. Together they investigate murders in the town of Bexford and the surrounding county of Addervale.

The Mary Blake mysteries, involving Mary, and actress who had it all. Actress, icon and darling of the nation, she was the queen of TV crime drama.

Then she turned fifty.

Originally from North Devon, A.G. moved to Oxfordshire many years ago where he now lives with his wife, daughter, and ridiculous spaniel.

He has been known to describe life with a toddler as ‘Like a psychological thriller, but with more Play-Doh’

A.G.Barnett loves hearing from readers, so feel free to contact him on Twitter and Facebook or email him directly below.

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